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The End is Here: Microsoft Ends Windows XP Support

EOS_prompt_engIt’s been a long time coming and April 8, 2014 marks the end of security updates and technical support for the Windows XP operating system. As Microsoft notes, XP was developed in a time when security threats were fundamentally different and XP is not equipped to handle the security and vulnerability threats we face in 2014. In other words, if you’re still running XP, it’s critical to update to a current operating system, such as Windows 8.1, to ensure your PC’s security.

What are the risks in continuing to use Windows XP? Many. Here are a few:

  • It’s very likely new exploits for Windows XP will be added to malicious websites that try to install malware on XP systems, no matter which browser you use.
  • Phishing attacks via email or Instant Messaging that contain attachments or links to websites could give attackers control of systems using an XP machine.
  • Worms will use newly discovered vulnerabilities to attack Windows XP systems using removable drives.
  • Attackers can use “Ransomware” to extort XP users into paying them to unencrypted files.

What you can do if you’re still on XP:

  • Limit Internet use
  • Avoid sending or receiving email
  • Avoid removable drive use and use strong passwords
  • Backup frequently
  • Upgrade to Windows 8.1

The good news is, if you upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro and Office 365 Midsize Business or ProPlus now, you can receive up to 20% off! Contact us for details.

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