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Minor Feature Deprecations in Yammer

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Minor Feature Deprecations in Yammer, Starting on October 31, 2015

As a part of Yammer’s ongoing efforts to clean up the UI and move toward a team-oriented experience, Yammer will be deprecating the following features: Twitter integration, Yammer Chrome Extension, Atom Feeds and Publisher Settings.

The Twitter integration and Chrome Extension features will no longer be supported due to low usage; additionally, Twitter integration was intended for broad network sharing and no longer fits into our new product direction focused around team collaboration. These features will be deprecated starting on October 31, 2015.

Atom Feeds can no longer be enabled in product, but users can receive feeds using Yammer’s REST API and converting the feeds to that format. This change will also happen on October 31, 2015. Similarly, while the Publisher Settings Feature, which lets users press the “Enter” key to submit a new post or reply to one, can no longer be enabled in product, users can post a new post or reply to one by clicking the “Post” button or pressing the Shift + Enter keys together. This feature will be deprecated within the next month or two.

Thank you,

The Yammer Team

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