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My Documents Folder Takes Exceedingly Long Time To Load

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Every time My Documents folder load, it take a long time to load exceeding a minutes at times.


While there might be many causes of this problem, in this case the problem was caused by the computer’s DNS being pointed to the wrong DNS server.


After a number of troubleshooting efforts from support documents available on the web, we began troubleshooting the issue by turning on/off the wireless connection. Immediately after disabling the wireless connection, the problem was no longer present.

Step 1: Turn off your wireless feature and recheck the problem

Step 2: Verify that your computer’s DNS settings are correct.

  • Access the network connection properties by right clicking your network connection and then left clicking on properties. (This will bring you to a list that will have Internet Protocol (TCP-IP) listed on it)
  • Click on the TCP-IP settings, click on properties. (This will bring you to the screen that allows you to change your DNS settings to be configured automatically or manually along with your IP address.)
  • Configure the settings and set to ‘Automatic’
  • Alternatively, depending upon your network setup, you may need to enter in an updated IP address in your settings control panel.

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