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When A Server Goes Up in Flames: How to Prepare for the Worst

inflamesOur colleague, Sean Patrick Tario, recently published a story on LinkedIn we thought was worth sharing.

The story goes one average day, a battery exploded on a rack server. It was followed by flames, smoke and a thoroughly ruined device. The server lived in an excellent facility: temperature controlled, secure and all of the amenities a healthy server demands. But even with all of the best practices in place, things still go wrong and unexpected events happen.

The good news was everything was contained and the existing business continuity strategy immediately kicked in, allowing the applications running on the server to still be accessible. Had there been no disaster recovery plan in place, the business would have been hugely impaired, delayed and had an expensive problem on their hands.

We especially liked the stat Tario gave, “According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of unplanned downtime for a data center is likely to exceed $5,000 per minute.”

Can your business afford downtime or the risk of not having a disaster plan? Contact us to learn about protecting your data no matter what happens.

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