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Your Complete Guide to Microsoft FastTrack

Enterprises are increasingly realising the efficiencies delivered by Microsoft Cloud but onboarding on to a new platform does induce some apprehensions. Microsoft FastTrack addresses such issues. It is clearly better than standard onboarding practices. FastTrack offers plenty of tutorials and systematic user guides to ensure Office 365 deployment is easier and Office 365 offerings can be utilized for driving significant business gains. It reduces overall Office 365 implementation time, helping teams configure their projects quicker on Office 365, eliminating project roadblocks.

Getting Started: What is FastTrack?

Most people know only about the primary purpose of FastTrack—as a support service that makes Office 365 migrations easier. FastTrack offers the most intuitive assistive approach, aimed at helping Microsoft retain its customers and catalyze more enterprise-level deployment of Office 365. The lesser understood component of FastTrack is the opportunity to work with Microsoft partners for creating customized solutions to streamline and ease workloads. This is in tune with Microsoft’s approach of gradually moving away from its software model. With Windows being offered as a service, the same strategy is being brought to Office 365. Here, users get regular software updates. This approach eases the path for Microsoft when rolling out new features or patchworks. Anticipated threats are resolved more intuitively via frequent security fixes and users can access commonly used Office offerings like Word and Excel via their browser.

How does a FastTrack Center Engagement Work?

In its contemporary format, Microsoft FastTrack is moving beyond the onboarding assistance aspect, shifting the focus towards helping businesses derive more value from their cloud ecosystem. By easing users into the cloud, tech adoption, onboarding and support costs are mitigated. The emerging FastTrack service is more about creating value-centric offerings and increasing customer service levels. The QuickLeads program is also about creating more scope for customer-client interactions.

  • A Microsoft FastTrack Engineer [FastTrack Center] assists you for 30 days from the date of buying the cloud services
  • Additional value-for-money services include identifying points of conflict or lower-than-anticipated efficiencies within the existing IT infrastructure
  • Provides possible remediation for existing and anticipated challenges, including keeping track of user licenses
  • FastTrack provides illustrated examples of best practices for individuals struggling with Office 365. Options also include customized success plans, including Azure, EMS and other technical applications
  • User-focused Office 365 engagement, helping users understand operational and architectural features
  • Support for IT departments in migrating from on-premise email or active directories to the Microsoft cloud.

 FastTrack Updates:

  1. Addition of Office 365 Email Mail Data Migration

Email Migration for every new Office 365 customer with 150 seats to be holistically assisted with a local Onboarding Center apart from features associated with standard, remote onboarding.

  1. EMS Onboarding Services

Qualified purchase of EMS with over 150 seats qualifies for Microsoft FastTrack onboarding support via a regional Onboarding Center. This is sure to help businesses envision better and drive more business value. EMS offer helps users drive revenue on a per-seat basis.

Enterprises struggling with their Microsoft Cloud deployment should definitely try FastTrack. It does more than merely easing users into the Office 365 environment. It delivers serious business value by helping you explore Office 365 capabilities and decode which features are more relevant for your unique business environments. FastTrack is also perhaps the best way to onboard new users to Office 365. When technological transitions become easier, adoption apprehensions are resolved. Users feel more assured about managing their project on a different platform. The confidence snowballs across teams and project collaborators, raising overall efficiency levels.

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