Our technical expertise has helped us implement reliable solutions across a variety of industries.

Solutions for businesses in various industries

What works for one industry isn’t going to do the same for another. Your organisation is unique and you need a partner who understands that. ERGOS offers industry-specific solutions tailored to your business needs.


All the solutions you need to protect sensitive data and better serve your clients


From the office to the worksite, we have the IT expertise to keep your projects on budget and on schedule


Take your classroom experience to the next level with innovative technology

Estate Agents

Cutting-edge, cloud-based tools to streamline your real estate business


Your clients are looking for a trustworthy partner, ERGOS can help you earn their confidence


Reduce IT expenses while increasing efficiency with the help of ERGOS’ experts


Improve your customer experience and satisfaction with reliable technology


Solutions that empower your firm with greater productivity, profitability, and client satisfaction


Reduce costs and open bottlenecks with robust technology solutions

Media & Entertainment

Solutions that enable your company to survive and thrive in the digital era


With over a decade of experience serving the healthcare industry, we can help relieve your IT burdens


Focus on your organisation’s mission while we take care of your technology


ERGOS helps retailers streamline workflows and enhance customer experience

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