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Solutions that enable your company to survive and thrive in the digital era

No industry has seen more rapid technological changes than the media and entertainment sector. ERGOS is in the thick of it all, working with television networks, cable providers, publishers, and advertising agencies looking to lead the way in the digitization of the media industry.

We provide media and entertainment companies a variety of IT services that allow them to meet the demands of today’s marketplace, including 24/7 tech support, software development and testing services, cloud storage management, and more.

We understand your challenges

Harnessing the cloud to improve operations and streamline distribution
Protecting intellectual property and data privacy
Improving work process with customized applications
Strategy planning based on reliable metrics
Keeping abreast of rapid media technology changes

Our solutions for media companies

Data Analytics

Powerful tools that gather critical insights from high volumes of data



Cybersecurity Solutions

Avoid data breaches and IP theft with state-of-the-art firewall and protection software



Cloud Solutions

Productivity-boosting applications that let your teams work and collaborate more efficiently




With over a decade of experience serving the healthcare industry, we can help relieve your IT burdens


Focus on your organisation’s mission while we take care of your technology

Real Estate

Cutting-edge, cloud-based tools to streamline your real estate business

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