Estate Agents IT Services

Cutting-edge, cloud-based tools to streamline your real estate business
Real estate professionals operate in a fast-moving environment. To stay competitive, you need to quickly and securely share files, access data while you are on the go, and stay connected to your team and clients.

ERGOS can help you select and implement real estate applications that provide contact management, email marketing, transaction management, lead routing, and scheduling. The best part is that they’re all hosted in the cloud, mobile-ready, accessible by you and your team at any time, on any device.

We understand your challenges

Responding to clients while you’re on the road
Managing large amounts of documents
Streamlining mortgage and rental processes
Keeping private client information secure
Maintaining visibility into multiple marketing channels

Our solutions for real estate firms

Managed Services

We ensure your IT is properly maintained and updated so your employees can get more done and respond to clients faster

Data Security

Our security solutions take data protection to the next level by implementing sophisticated encryption and threat detection tools

Cloud Solutions

Our cloud-powered productivity suite allows your employees to stay connected from anywhere, at any time, on any device


All the solutions you need to protect sensitive data and better serve your clients


ERGOS helps retailers streamline workflows and enhance customer experience

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