IT Genie is now ERGOS

We are happy to announce that on the 1st of October 2023, IT Genie will re-brand and become ERGOS. This is to mark IT Genie merging with ERGOS UK – the UK operating arm of ERGOS, a long-established and market-leading U.S. managed service provider.

This will increase our operations in the UK and is in line with our plans to expand the business across the UK and Europe. In terms of people, everyone currently employed by IT Genie and ERGOS UK will be employed by ERGOS going forward. As CEO and Founder of IT Genie – I will remain an equal owner and will continue to lead ERGOS in the UK as CEO.

We will now have two offices, based in Crawley and London.

The merger will inevitably benefit our existing and future clients, by expanding the range of services we are able to offer and providing access to a larger number of talented technical resources and skill sets.

We will of course continue to offer our flagship, free cybersecurity assessments to UK businesses. You can book an appointment with our cybersecurity consultant here: to learn more.

This is an exciting time for myself and the team, and we look forward to continuing our longstanding commitment to ensuring your technology success securely and simply as ERGOS into the future.

With kindest regards,

Gino Choucair