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Create, communicate, collaborate with Office Professional Plus + Office Web Apps

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, it can be cumbersome to collaborate on a presentation, file or spreadsheet. You know the routine–email files back and forth, follow up with voicemails, and wait until you and your colleague are actually in the office to get work done. With Office 365’s Office Professional Plus + Office Web Apps, you can cut out the haggle and edit files simultaneously with your colleagues in real time, whether you’re next door or on the next continent.

Collaborating on your next PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet will be a breeze, as you can virtually work side-by-side with integrated IM, video chat and screen sharing. Write up your presentation notes in Word together, and make last minute edits from your smartphone. No more emailing drafts or waiting until you’re back at the office to get “real” work done.

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