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Deploy Office 365, Save BIG!

If you haven’t yet moved to Office 365 or you’re looking to expand your number of seats, now is the time! From September 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014, Microsoft will help cover your Office 365 deployment costs. How big can you save? Up to $20,000! The more seats you purchase the more assistance you’ll receive: $5000 for 150-249 seats,  $12,000 for 250-999 seats, and $20,000 for 1000+ seats. Your Microsoft funds will automatically be applied to consulting and deployment costs with INFINIT, meaning you’ll save money you’d otherwise spend out of pocket. And even if you already have Office 365, you can still save if you purchase at least 150 new seats during the offer window. It’s the ideal time to move to Office 365 or expand your existing network!

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