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Microsoft Keeps Up With the Economy: New Customer Financing Options

In today’s market budgets are getting cut, employees are laid off and most businesses are struggling to keep their heads above water.  For those who are keeping afloat and starting to see things turn around, plans for IT projects are well underway.  Microsoft has announced a new financing offer to help companies push off payments in order to move forward with the IT projects previously on-hold.

Microsoft is getting creative, but more importantly understands the demands that the economy has put on businesses of all sizes.  Slashing IT budgets during an economic downturn isn’t always the best method for success.  Companies rely on the technology that is supporting them on a daily basis – from their e-mail platform, to properly functioning workstations, to CRM and ERP systems and their underlying infrastructure.

Microsoft’s new financing plan allows organisations of all sizes to finance the entire cost of their technology solutions, including any combination of software, consulting and installation services, partner products, and hardware. Under one of their current promotions, Microsoft allows companies to push off payments for an entire six months, and then continue with monthly payments for the remainder of the loan term.

Some key points to consider for their financing promotion:

  • You must be in business for a minimum of 2 years with a positive net income and an established credit history (* there is a separate program for startup companies, start-ups can apply under separate personal cover*)

  • You cannot have any bankruptcy, liens, defaults or judgments on your credit record

  • There is no limit on the transaction size or size of the company applying for the offer

  • Additional hardware and third-party products can be included in the entire financed promotion

  • No payments will be required for the first 6 months after the transaction, the financing offer will be set up with affordable monthly payments after the initial six months

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