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Microsoft’s “Free” Office 365 Migrations Come at a Price

If you’re tuned into Microsoft news, you’ve likely heard the scuffle over Microsoft’s announcement that they’ll being offering free Office 365 email migrations when customers buy 150+ seats, cutting out Microsoft Partners. While the details are as clear as mud, here’s why we think it’s bad for customers and partners alike:

1. Migrations are inherently complex. No two businesses are the same and every migration has its unique challenges. We’ve mastered them and as a Microsoft Partner it is our goal to provide every customer with the smoothest Office 365 migration possible. It reduces downtime, doesn’t interrupt your business and improves your bottom line. We have serious concerns about the quality of the migration experience if left in the hands of Microsoft. Simply put, there’s no way they can provide the level of service or time that Microsoft Partners, like INFINIT Consulting, can.

2. Microsoft’s cloud business was built on the backs of Microsoft Partners, and in turn Microsoft Partners have built their businesses around marketing, deploying and selling Office 365. Now Microsoft is threatening to cut Partners out of the picture. We, like many others, are a loyal Microsoft Partner, but it only works if it’s a two way street.

Only time will tell the details of what’s in store for Office 365 migrations. In the mean time, we’ll keep doing our best to do right by our clients.

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