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Office 2013 Features

Now that Office 2013 is here, there are many new features to explore within the applications that the business and consumer world has come to trust as a productivity standard. Aside from the updates of Microsoft’s new visual style, many of the programs were given efficiency-boosting enhancements as well as a flawless association with SkyDrive Pro. For corporate users this provides a slick and modern way to manage file collaboration.

Word is equipped with a side-scrolling read mode that allows a full-sized view of pictures when you click them. Now reading a document in Word is a lot like flipping pages a book. It also now converts PDF files to an editable format, which will save customers some money by doing away with the need for Adobe Acrobat Pro licenses. Finally, laying out clean and attractive documents is easy with the feature that makes text wrap dynamically around images.


Outlook is smooth and faster than ever. Sorting email by using the “Unread” tab makes it easy to find new mail, or skipped over messages easier. With Social Connector, contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, and SharePoint are effortlessly integrated. Uses the information to populate contacts.


Excel, as well as the other offerings in the suite, offers the ability to send files directly to SharePoint or Skydrive/SkydrivePro, and makes sharing and collaboration easier and more streamlined.


PowerPoint is also full of exciting new features that make it easier than ever to create great presentations. Users can search for online audio and video directly from the application and seamlessly insert the content.


The entire suite of Office products can be streamed with application virtualization (App-V) via Office365 subscriptions, keeping with the idea that office can be used as a service. This supersedes the idea that software needs to be installed from traditional media. The installation requires the use of a small App-V client, which will present the user with a menu of available applications. All of these great features make Office 2013 an incredible, highly functional, and indispensable tool.



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