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WPC12: Windows Azure and Windows Server 2012

This week is the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC12) and as Microsoft Silver Partners, we're excited to share some of the latest new with you.

Windows Azure and Windows Server 2012
Microsoft is introducing a single management dashboard for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Azure, allowing virtual deployment of machines on-premises or in the cloud via a single pane. This single dashboard is perfect for those trying to connect the dots between multiple public and private cloud systems.


  • User interface that allows deployment of virtual machines on-premise or in the cloud
  • Ability to manage everything from a single interface
  • Total I/Os per second for Windows Server 2012 will be 3x that of VMware
  • Windows Server 2012 will be available in September 2012
  • Bing is already powered by Windows Server 2012

Stay posted over the next few days to see what other highlights and news we have to share.

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