July 2023

The IT Genie July 2023 newsletter includes:

  • Important Announcement
  • Get The IT Help You Deserve – 5 Questions You Should Hear ‘Yes’ To
  • Free Report Download: The Business Owner’s Guide To IT Support Services And Fees
  • 3 Questions Every Leader Should Ask On Monday Morning
  • Win-Win Solutions Grow Your Business And Keep Your Employees Happy
  • Quick And Easy Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

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You can read all previous issues of the IT Genie newsletters below, please enjoy.

March 2023 – Improve Your Cyber Security Awareness

Learn About Today’s Most Common Types Of Cyber-Attacks

  • Improve Your Cyber Security Awareness
  • Learn About Today’s Most Common Types Of Cyber-Attacks
  • FREE Report: 3 Surefire Signs Your IT Company Is Failing To Protect You From Ransomware
  • Don’t Come Back To Work
    Working Remotely? Improve Your Work-Life Balance In 3 Steps

What can you do to avoid being a Sitting Duck?

Read on to find out more . . . – March Newsletter

You can read all previous issues of the IT Genie newsletters below, please enjoy.

Newsletters Archive

The IT Genie December 2022 newsletter includes:

  • The IT Genie December 2022 newsletter includes:
    • Increased Need For IT Services Due To Remote Employees
    • A Need For More Automation
    • Cyber-Attacks Of 2022 To Be Aware Of
    • Free Report:3 Sure-fire Signs Your IT Company/Department Is Failing To Protect You From Ransomware
    • 3 Mistakes Leaders Make With Job Descriptions
    • Attracting Customers In A Crowded Market
    • and more…

The IT Genie February 2022 newsletter includes:

  • What’s NCE and NASTY? Changes afoot with Microsoft licensing
  • Cyber Security Is More Important Now Than Ever – Is Your Business Prepared?
  • “I Didn’t Know” – Get your FREE “Cyber Security Tip Of The Week”
  • How To Create More Opportunities
  • Break Through The Digital Dilemma And Take Your Business To The Next Level
  • Facebook Metaverse Privacy Nightmare!
    and much more . . .

The IT Genie January 2022 newsletter includes:

  • Two Million Tickets Solved
  • 3 Great IT Resolutions For The New Year
  • Free Report: The Business Owner’s Guide To IT Support Services
  • Reimagining Your Business
  • Good intentions last a month on average
    and much more . . .

The IT Genie December 2021 newsletter includes:

  • Our Xmas 2021 opening times
  • Hackers Are Stepping Up Their Game This Holiday Season
  • Christmas Is a Time of Giving – refer a company
  • A Winning Strategy To The Game Of Building A Business
  • Tesla Took This Lesson From Ford’s 112-Year-Old Playbook
    and much more . . .

The IT Genie November 2021 newsletter includes:

  • Windows 11 is Here, should you upgrade now?
  • The Easiest Way To Disaster-Proof Your Cyber Security
  • Free report: Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Meet the Geek – Steve Parker, Head of Centralised Services
  • Do You Have The Tools To Manage Effectively In The WFH World?
  • Back seat GPS, and much more . . .

The IT Genie October 2021 newsletter includes:

  • Want to make sure your business is protected from a data disaster?
  • New IT Genie Client Portal & Support Report
  • Client Spotlight – WMR Waste Solutions
  • “I didn’t know” – this excuse will not cut it. Sign-up for our cyber security tips
  • Don’t Give Up On You, No Matter What Anyone Says
  • Twitter is born, and much more . . .

The IT Genie September 2021 newsletter includes:

  • A Flexible Partnership With IT Professionals (CoMITS)
  • Meet The Geek – Peter May, Senior Projects Engineer & Polydactyly
  • What Is The #1 Key To Success?
  • Why Cyberattacks Are Getting So Dangerous
  • How Do You Build Client Trust? #QuickRead
  • Building A Virtual Team That Spans The Country #QuickRead
  • “I am the business”, but not at completing CAPTCHAs #QuickRead

The IT Genie August 2021 newsletter includes:

  • Stopping Ransomware – “7 critical actions to stop ransomware hitting your business”
  • Beat The Heat! How The Dog Days Of Summer Can Wreak Havoc On Your Technology
  • Client Spotlight – Alfred Budgen construction – “My satisfaction level with how our business utilises technology is at the highest it has ever been.”
  • Break The Bottleneck The X-Factor For Exponential Advantage
  • Tech Savvy Mice – “This is the third cheese delivery this month”
  • Here’s How Technology Is Strengthening The Workplace
  • A Different Approach To Strengthening Your Revenue
  • 4 Cyber Challenges To Keep On Your Radar

The IT Genie July 2021 newsletter includes:

  • Rick-Rolling gets 4K 60FPS remaster for 2021
  • Take Your Business To The Next Level With These Technology Solutions
  • If Your Employees Can Be Rick-Rolled, They Need Security Awareness (anti-Phishing) Training
  • Meet The Geek – Ben Taylor
  • Soft Skills, Solid Results – four key people skills
  • As A Business Owner, Are You Ready For The IT Future?
  • 3 Key Ways To Keep Your Business In Growth Mode
  • Are You In The Cloud Yet?

The IT Genie June 2021 newsletter includes:

  • Don’t Let Your Employees Become Your Biggest Vulnerability
  • The IT Genie WOW factor
  • 12 Little-Known Facts Every Business Owner Must Know About BCDR
  • Client Spotlight shines on Steve Dixon Actuaries
  • From Start-Ups To Best Places To Work: How Culture Changes Everything
  • Are You Stuck In The Self-Employment Trap?
  • Make The Most Of Your Remote Workforce
  • Use Technology To Make Your Business Stand Out

The IT Genie May 2021 newsletter includes:

  • Is Your Cyber Security Policy (Or Lack Of One) Leaving You Wide Open To Attacks? Just ask Merseyail
  • People Are Not Good At Remembering ‘Good’ Passwords
  • Why You’re Not Rich Yet
  • Zoom Getting You Down? Here’s Why And What To Do
  • How To Keep Employees: Compensation Transparency?
  • Your Business Needs Personality
  • Meet the Geek – Julia Hankin

The IT Genie April 2021 newsletter includes:

  • Despite lockdown we are all social creatures
  • What is Co-Managed IT Services (CoMITS)?
  • Your employees are your greatest line of defense (with training)
  • Client Spotlight – specialist accountants Coveney Nicholls
  • The Core Value Equation
  • 3 Top SEO Myths Completely Busted! (This one is very useful)
  • Customer Service Employees And Negativity Don’t Mix
  • Why You Need To Unplug Every Once In A While

The IT Genie March 2021 newsletter includes:

  • Coming out of Isolation
  • 3 Questions To Ask Any IT “Expert”
  • Managing Email Signatures – the hard or easy way
  • Meet the ‘Chief’ Geek – Stuart Black
  • Making & Keeping Customers In A Digital Era
  • Top 4 Security Certifications You Should Have In 2021
  • The Reason Your Employees Value Opinions Over Facts
  • 3 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Boost Employee Morale

The IT Genie February 2021 newsletter includes:

  • Ransomware Pivoting – Not just encrypting but also exposing
  • Enable Remote Working Securely
  • Report – Business Owner’s Guide To IT Support Services & Fees
  • Client Spotlight – Circulation specialist Intermedia launch new logistics service
  • Communication In Times Of Videocalls
  • Driving business success
  • The Realities of Burnout
  • Traits To Keep In Mind When Hiring

The IT Genie January 2021 newsletter includes:

  • Outdated Technology costs you more than you think
  • Quality Service Matters – How quality and security help . . .
  • Stop Recurring Problems
  • The Business Owner’s Guide To IT Support Services
  • Scary New Threat to Your Network’s Security
  • The first thing you must do this year – have a cybersecurity audit
  • Top CEO reads from the last year

The IT Genie December 2020 newsletter includes:

  • IT Genie Xmas opening times
  • 4 Critical Business Cybersecurity Protections
  • Give IT Genie as a gift to your friends
  • How to Provide World-Class Service Levels
  • Rejuvenate Your E-mails, Sales And Revenue Streams
  • Meet the Geek – Neil Martin

The IT Genie November 2020 newsletter includes:

  • IT Genie expands business support team
  • This one mistake with your computer network could put you out of business
  • Protect your data – free report
  • 4 ways leaders can identify & overcome blind spots
  • Become a pro at home video calls
  • Are your employees leaving backdoors wide open?
  • How do I know if my security camera is hacked?
  • Client Spotlight – Orange Genie