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4 Qualities of top cybersecurity solutions

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today, and for good reason. Almost every week, there’s a new report of a serious data breach happening in the country. From a new strain of ransomware to a new type of phishing attack, cyberthreats are becoming more sophisticated by the day, which is why it’s vital to protect your business with the best cybersecurity tools possible.

However, there are hundreds of cybersecurity solutions available on the market. Some providers offer standalone antimalware and email security software, while others implement a more comprehensive package. To help you find the right solution, we’ve narrowed down four distinct qualities that distinguish a best-of-breed cybersecurity solution from a subpar one.


Top-notch cybersecurity solutions come with real-time threat monitoring and analytics to give you clear visibility into your company’s risk levels. These features scan for system vulnerabilities that may allow cybercriminals to infiltrate your network and compromise your data. Vulnerabilities may include unpatched applications and unsafe network configurations, just to name a few. Threat analytics then classifies the seriousness of these vulnerabilities and generates a risk score so you know which issue must be addressed first.

Advanced solutions will even produce an actionable plan (backed by cybersecurity experts) on how to secure each vulnerability. Such insight empowers you to dramatically reduce your exposure to risks and make you a less appealing target for cybercriminals.


Another hallmark of a great cybersecurity solution is how it’s optimized for your company’s productivity. Powerful security controls are essential for protecting information, but it’s equally important that these controls do not impede your employees’ daily tasks. This means your cybersecurity solutions must at least offer the following features:

  • Role-based access control – lets you group scores of employees into “roles” and assign specific access privileges for each role. By setting these controls, you can prevent data leaks and ensure employees have access to the resources they need for their job. For example, sales staff can be authorised to access customer information but not HR-related data or executive-level records.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) – enables users to log in once to gain access to multiple accounts, saving them a lot of time. With one set of login credentials to remember, users are also less likely to set weak passwords, write them down, or recycle them multiple times.
  • Email filtering – prevents time-consuming spam and malware-infected phishing emails from reaching company inboxes to keep your employees safe.
  • Proactive patching – secures any detected system vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them. An ideal solution will also allow you to schedule updates after office hours to minimize disruption.
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Considering that cyberattacks come from all angles (e.g., your network, devices, and applications), your defense measures must be fully incorporated throughout your business. A solution that tightly integrates with Office 365 and other enterprise systems allows you to guard against a wide range of threats without interrupting the flow of business.

Robust, integrated security also means you can manage all aspects of security from one centralized console. This enables you to set universal security configurations across your company and implement policies that are consistent with industry best practices. Additionally, an integrated cyber defense makes monitoring, updating, and reporting much easier since everything is managed from one place.


Run-of-the-mill security systems can detect known threats, but these are no longer sufficient against higher-caliber cyberattacks. Since cybercriminals are constantly concocting attacks designed to exploit unknown vulnerabilities, you need security measures with built-in artificial intelligence (AI).

Intelligent security measures automatically scan for any unusual activity that may indicate an attack and respond accordingly. For instance, if large amounts of data are being transferred to and from a device, the AI-powered system will instantly isolate the device from the network and notify you of the unusual activity. The system will then promptly eliminate the threat so you spend less time worrying about complicated security issues.

INFINIT Shield is equipped with cutting-edge AI technology to protect you from multiple cyberthreats. It also offers tight integration, flexible access controls, and reliable vulnerability assessments to ensure your company’s productivity, profitability, and safety. Schedule a free security assessment with us to rate your current defenses against modern cyberattacks and implement a defense strategy that works for you.

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