Letting ERGOS Partners configure and provide support for Azure ensures you get the maximum benefit

Scale without limits

Does your organisation still host your servers on physical hardware? If you do, chances are you’ve had a steady increase in costs due to the need for continual hardware upgrades and the technicians needed to set up, configure, and maintain it.

You can avoid all of these when you sign up for ERGOS’ Azure service. For an affordable subscription fee, you gain access to unlimited cloud computing resources that include everything that your business will need now and in the future — web and email virtual servers, virtual desktops, storage systems, application services, and so much more.

Imagine the possibilities with Azure

Enjoy tomorrow’s capabilities today

Whether it’s AI or IoT, your organisation can take advantage of innovative solutions minus the exorbitant prices

Build what you want, whenever, wherever

Develop and manage any application without worrying about computing, storage, or memory limits

Utilize different types of cloud

Public, private, or hybrid cloud — integrate and manage your solution on a single identity platform

Ensure security and compliance

Develop and manage any application without worrying about computing, storage, or memory limits

Power up your cloud

Build infrastructures and application platforms that are delivered via the cloud and tailored to your business’s goals and needs. ERGOS can set up, deploy, and manage your Azure environment so your organisation can grow and stay abreast of the latest IT developments.

What you’ll get:

Cost efficiency, thanks to in-depth analysis and forecasting of your cloud spending
Improved operations as a result of always-available IT infrastructure
Enhanced security and identity management
Round-the-clock support by ERGOS’ Azure experts

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